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艺术家简介| Artist Profile

Ah Guan,生于马来西亚,从童年时期就对漫画中的角色产生浓厚兴趣,这一兴趣驱使他进入美术学院,毕业后投身2D动画制作和背景插画,已经有超过13年的从业经验。此外,他也深深迷恋了stop motion动画,激发了他对人偶的兴趣。后来,他将自己设计的角色变为实体,采用树脂材料制作,并在最后的阶段进行手工涂饰,表现欧美绘画风格的特色,同时将其融入了华人文化。

Ah Guan, born in Malaysia, developed a strong interest in drawing cartoon characters from a young age. After completing his studies at an art academy, he embarked on a career spanning 13 years in 2D animation concept art and background illustration. He also delved into the world of stop-motion animation, nurturing a fascination for creating figurines. Eventually, he realized his dream of bringing his own character designs to life through resin sculpture, with most of his works receiving intricate hand-painted details. He possesses a deep appreciation for Western artistic styles while incorporating elements of Chinese culture, seamlessly blending the two in his creations.

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