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Christmas-themed Experience Class

11th November~17th December

This November, we have great news: the "Experience Class" is about to open for registration! 📢 Let's welcome the arrival of Christmas together and prepare a special gift for your loved ones!


We have carefully prepared a template for a Christmas Santa Claus Elf, and of course, during the course, everyone will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and create their own unique character!


Furthermore, if you are interested in Christmas Santa Claus Elves, why not explore it? The regular price is RM99, but by signing up for the Experience Class, you can enjoy an exclusive 30% discount!


Get ready to embark on your Christmas creative journey!

Custom Sculptures

Turn your creative toy dreams into reality! We specialize in custom hand-carved prototypes, turning your 2D designs into tangible works of art.

Small Batch Molding

Whether you have unique toy sculptures or want to produce 3D printed prototypes in small quantities, we offer resin molding services for quantities ranging from 10 to 30 pieces.

Experience Courses

If you've been watching many sculpture tutorials online but don't know where to start, we offer one-on-one experience courses to help you begin your creative journey.

Our Services

Experience Class

This November, good news is on the way: Enrollment for the 'Experience Class' is about to open! 📢 Let's welcome the arrival of Christmas and prepare a special gift for your dearest ones! 🎁


Messy Desk Studio, we are delighted to offer a range of services, including sculpture prototyping and small-scale toy and sculpture production, with a production capacity of up to 30 units."


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